Friday, May 21, 2021

Kuji Destroyed (M/F)

This is for a long time commissioner with a particular fondness for my tickle whore Kuji...her getting nailed doggystyle while being foot tickled...its a beautiful thing honestly ;)

Bitsy owns Cami


Another piece of gift art for my bro MirthGoblin of his trap "gigglesprite" 
Cami getting totally owned by my spider girl Bitsy....

Tickle Goblins attack Madira (FFFF/F)


This was a bit of gift art for my brother from another mother MirthGoblin showing his naga girl Madira in her human form being attacked by a quartet of goblin girls I've used in the past...thats basically it really...

Iidako Doing Her Thang...(F/M)


Iidako despite her cute and saccharine sweet exterior is in fact a sadistic tickler and hornball in we can see the way her inner workings can utterly tickle a mans cock to insanity...this bitch is dangerous guys...

Yumaya's Admirers (FF/futa)


Here we have Cali and Mab showing some long needed affection towards my futa alien catgirl Yumaya ;)

Anti-gravity Tickles (FFF/F)

The Maxinoid Tata has a unique reaction to being tickled; she becomes utterly weightless and floats about as others torment her most ticklish of areas. Gotta love those alien tickle partners...

Rex gets Wrecked....(M/F)


One of my long time fans and admirers Yumes gets a personal session with my carnosaur girl Miranda.