Sunday, July 26, 2009

RETROPOST: Cali Footjob

Date of Completion: 02/10/09

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the way this came out! And I usually suck at perspectives like this...either way, Cali showing her off one of her particular long would YOU last in the grips of those toes? LOL


Date of Completion: 01/27/09

Just a random idea I had. Ranma 1/2 is an anime about this guy that changes into a girl when he's splashed with cold water (hot water changes him back) a futanari version wasn't too far fetched IMO :-p

RETROPOST: Hanging Divine

Date of Completion: 11/17/08

Cali and Divine are both learning the benefits of being double jointed. LOL


Date of Completion: 11/15/08

At the distant point in the future that the Yumaya storyline takes place, the human race has all but been wiped from the face of the universe and the few that remain are seen as little more than livestock or slave labor. Jen here was purchased as a "pet" aboard Yumaya's ship but inevitably became a favorite plaything among the crew. With her is Togi Vok, the one man orgy, Togi's species being able to duplicate themselves as Jen is finding the benefits of currently LOL

RETROPOST: Yumaya & Medi

Date of Completion: 11/15/08

May I introduce another member of Yumaya's crew, Medi. Every good sci-fi based hentai needs a tentacle monster...I just decided to give her a personality and make her part of the main cast LOL. These two have been close friends since their days in the academy and it shows XD

RETROPOST: Spinnerette Footjob

Date of Completion: 11/15/08

I reassigned Madame Spinnerette as a member of Yumaya's starship crew! LOL...I figured a beautiful ebony skinned dominatrix with four skilled feet was more at home in a much more adult themed atmosphere....and here she is showing just how skilled 4 feet can be ;)

I also redesigned her for this, along with a new hairstyle, fixing those legs of hers so they're shaped more like regular human ones...

RETROPOST: They Loooove Andi ^_^

Date of Completion: 11/06/08

A commission for Bandito, creator of the tickling comic "Bounce Chix" featuring my girls Mab and Tootsie LaMorgue having some erotic tickling fun with his girl Andi.

RETROPOST: Foot Tickle 3-Way

Date of Completion: 11/04/08

In hindsight I should have had Belou and Cali teasing Isa between the legs with their tails. Another MirthGoblin commission. (Man has good taste XD)

RETROPOST: Double Tonguejob

Date of Completion: 10/29/08

Another gift art for TheBigMansini, this one featuring his succubus Fatima with my frog girl Divine, both known for their very long and very prehensile tongues. The lower half was a last minute idea I had that made me laugh so I included it XD

RETROPOST: Isa & Delilah

Date of Completion: 10/16/08

This was a piece of gift art for my good friend TheBigMansini featuring both our lovely latina's Isa and his girl Delilah getting better acquainted. It was meant to be a follow up image to a piece he did for the last big S4 group project featuring the two having some footy fun.

RETROPOST: Varushka, Stazi and Trixie

Date of Completion: 10/12/08

This is how it happened...last year my good friend MirthGoblin commissioned me to do a piece featuring three characters from my then dead in the water Mytheroptera series which surprised me. It was this image that got us talking and inevitably lead us to the prospect of breathing some life back into this project as a series of illustrated stories. Lets hope for the best with that *crosses fingers*

RETROPOST: Yumaya: Alien Sex Kitten

Date of Completion: 09/05/08

During my journey into mainstream pornographic territory I had come up with an idea for a new series, starring an alien futanari (go look it up) catgirl named Yumaya who captained a starship with her equally horny crew. Never went anywhere outside of a few random illustrations though. There may still be a future for the idea at some point....

RETROPOST: Cali's Been Baaaaaad...

Date of Completion: 08/20/08 she baby looking oh so vulnerable but not particularly worried. This was also the first time I ever drew Cali's nipple ring...

RETROPOST: Kate Footjob

Date of Completion: 03/16/08

I find it ironic that the first pornographic image I did featuring a character from my Cali & Friends series was with such a minor character, Kate the Raccoon girl. This was a gift art for a friend of mine actually...all in all I love the way she came out ^_^


Date of Completion: 01/26/08

Not much to say about this one......just had fun with it.......the robot was inspired by the freaky Bjork video (like they aren't all freaky?) "All Is Full Of Love"....*shrugs*

RETROPOST: Carrera Forced Orgasm

Date of Completion: 11/07/07

My very first "regular" hentai image not dealing with tickling or feet content. It was part of an artists jam at another hentai page based on the character Carrera from the hentai anime/game "ViperGTS". I'm rather proud of this one myself ^_^

RETROPOST: Elf Fuckling

Date of Completion: 10/16/04

This concept ALWAYS fascinated me...combination sex and tickle torture...which I dubbed "fuckling" (copyrighted bitches XD). This was another Mytheroptera image, not only were both of these characters integrated into the current storyline (Romley and Lavena) but this very scene occurs at the beginning (altered slightly but still pretty much the same idea).

Romley the Dark Elf knight drops into a brothel and has his way with an unfortunate young concubine, later purchasing her as his own personal sex/tickling slave.

Retropost: Madame Spinnerette and Angel 2

Date of Completion: 06/11/04

One of the main reasons I retired Spinnerette was for the inherent physical problems with those legs of hers...they were just a little too awkward and downright bizarre to be effective...trying to visualize how she'd walk just gave me a headache...LOL

RETROPOST: Madame Spinnerette and Angel

Date of Completion: 06/01/04

Ah Madame Spinnerette...a worthwhile experiment but sadly she was used very little before I retired her from the Cali & Friends series and brought in a much more youthful spider girl by the name of Bitsy Bryant. Here she has fun with her favorite sex/tickle toy Angel. (first time I ever drew a penis XD)

RETROPOST: Elf Torture

Date of Completion: 10/08/03

THIS was the image that got my other fetish art account booted from DeviantART...well hindsight is 20/20...

This was my first ever experimentation with adult material, as part of my erotic fantasy series "Mytheroptera" which is still in pre-production (Yes after 6 years...its still being worked on) LOL. None of these characters have any actual names although the Satyr and Dark Fairy did both end up evolving into other characters that will be used in the near future.