Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fetish Spirit Meme: Zahrai

I did....this whole god my back hurts DX....

This is for my friend MostlyFunStuff's "Fetish Spirit Meme" in which you must design a character that embodies every single one of your fetishes or kinks. So this is what I came up with..."Zahrai"...


First the break down of what aspects of my fetishes went into her:

MILF: She's modeled after a MILF archtype; curvy figure, wide hips, round belly and large NATURAL breasts.

Hybrid: Not only does she share aspects of both Furry and Scalie while still having normal "human" skin, that skin is a hodge-podge of Caucasian, Hispanic and African with a pair of feet to go with each one.

Macro: She stands at about 8 feet tall at full height and size 20 feet.

Extra "Parts": Along with the obvious 12 limbs and two prehensile tails, ever since I saw FTKL's "The Bigger They Are, the Harder They Laugh" E-comic I've been intrigued by the condition known as "polydactylism" where one has extra fingers or toes. In this case each foot has 6 toes. (Theres just one extra piece of "plumbing" not featured in the dA version...CAN YA FIGURE OUT WHAT IT IS!??! LOL)

The "Smolder' Look: Hair covering one eye...HOT!

Redheads and Brunettes: While I'm primarily a fan of the gingers, jet black hair also really entices me.


Piercings/Jewelry/Exotic Markings: I worked her coloring to resemble tribal markings along with a plethora of piercings. And among all jewelry, toe rings are most definitely something I'm a fan of.


Now for Zahrai herself...She embodies the essence of the motherly fertility goddess archetype. At her core very sensual, affectionate and nurturing with a gentle, loving touch but can unleash the fury of hell itself if dominance is desired. She LOVES to be tickled, is the most ticklish on her belly, breasts, rear end and of course her massive feet (the WORST) and has highly erogenous feet, able to climax from worship alone. When she tickles someone else, she can cause them to become aroused by it as well even if it normally doesn't (something I always fantasize about, since I enjoy being tickled but can't get aroused by it).

The magic bracers at her ankles and forearms have anti-gravity properties, allowing her to "lock" herself in mid air in virtually any pose one can imagine to do with what you will. She enjoys virtually any manner of sex including oral, @nal and traditional, both giving and receiving, especially when either tickling or foot worship are added to the mix.

And thats it....I'M GOING TO BED NOW!!! XD

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Firefox Fuckling

Gift art for my bro Firefox...his two favorites among my catgirls showing their appreciation for his loyal fandom ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A whole ton of Mirth's characters getting tickled and teased by vines...yup :P