Monday, August 9, 2010

The Diplomatic Mission

This is a birthday gift for my dear friend fmilling (AKA "Bombers") who I had spoken with a long time ago about eventually having a crossover involving our two alien races; his big footed, tickle obsessed Podarians and my hermaphroditic alien catgirls the Nekonari...and since its his style, I included a story to go with the image ;)

For more info on the Nekonari: The Nekonari


“ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL: 00:23:37:05 YOUR MAJESTIES” The automated voice of the Podarian shuttle cruiser chimed in as the royal family of Podaria, Queen Veenia and her daughter Princess Teeva sat comfortably receiving their routine daily pedicure from the ships automated deck chairs.

“Its not as good as the ones back at home…but it will suffice…wouldn’t you agree?” Veenia inquired to her daughter who was currently lost in thought. Ever since she had learned about this fascinating new species, the Nekonari she had been fascinated with the very concept. Amazonian hermaphroditic feline humanoids with entire culture centered around sexual freedom and sensuality. Her mother had been made aware of this planets discovery and decided it would be in the best interest of Podaria to establish peaceful relations with its native people. Teeva didn’t want to admit to her mother that the real reason she wanted to accompany her wasn’t her desire to learn more about her future position as queen, but in the hopes of having a little fun on this journey.

“You dirty girl…I know the real reason you came…” Veenia said with a mischevious giggle as she pressed a few buttons on her chair, causing the devices at Teeva’s feet to suddenly wiggle a few automated brushes along her size 14 soles causing her to leap with a squeal and then blushing beat read at her embarrassment, having been found out.

“Am I that transparent?” She responded looking awfully foolish.

“No…not really…but I can’t help but admit I’m rather enticed myself…considering their methods of relations, we may have to be willing to engage in some of their local customs to earn their trust…” Her mother responded as she blushed a bit herself and smirked at her daughter.

“NOW ENTERING NEKONARIAN AIRSPACE…OUTTER ATMOSPHERE BREACHED…NOW BEGINNING FINAL DESCENT…” The automated voice once again announced as the two would be diplomats prepared for their final landing to the coordinates they had been given by the dually appointed representative charged with greeting them, a local “Vonshay” (term referring to a highly respected elder of the a town or village) by the name of Velconsunai Zunala.

“Did they ever get these translators to work properly? I hear their language is quite unique…” Teeva inquired as the striking violet skyline came into view adorned with swirling cloud formations and dual moons.

“Yes they tell me they were able to maintain a full conversation with a member of their people for a good hour…and according to the technician the Nekonarian tried to seduce him!” Veenia replied as they both burst in hysterics.

“Ooooh this should be good…” Teeva commented as the ship came to a landing just outside a large town made up of several dome shaped dwellings. The main gang plank extend from the ship as the two emerged, adorned in their best royal vestiges only to be greeted by three humanoids…who were completely nude except for a few bits of ceremonial jewelry and simple wooden sandals. Immediately the two were amazed at how tall they were, the tallest of them standing a good 7 feet tall. The older looking one among the three approached the Podarians, with skin of a soft lavender and curvy figure, a large smile and pleasant eyes. She gave a pleasant bow at first and then approached Veenia, giving her a warm motherly hug much to her surprise.

“Welcome my friends to Nekona! It is such a pleasure to meet you both!” The voice from the translator spoke as the woman herself emitted an odd blend of animalistic growls and yips mixed with some semblance of vocal structure. Veenia was a bit taken a back by her straightforwardness but found it to be a pleasant surprise, returning the hug to the ambassador. The two others behind her ran over to Teeva, who was already prepared for the big hug they both gave her simultaneously, not the type of greeting she was expecting on a diplomatic mission but definitely a preferable one.

“I am called Velconsunai Zunala…these are my mewlings Yumaya and Yumara…” Zunala explained, motioning towards her daughters currently engaged in huggle fest with Teeva.

“Oh mother we aren’t mewlings anymore!” The youngest, Yumara spoke out with a pouty look on her face as Zunala laughed.

“Yes yes I know…you’ve recently come of age so I can’t call you that anymore…but to me you’ll always be my mewlings…” She said with a cheerful smile. Right away Veenia was put at east by what a warm and casual way they had about them, making them feel more like family then ambassadors. It was then that both Teeva and Veenia looked down and noticed the two daughters becoming rather “excited” as they held the Podarian princess against them, eyes wide.

“Oh my…” Veenia commented not wanting to seem rude. Teeva was speechless but she couldn’t help but feel just a bit “excited” herself. No sooner had it happened did the younger of the two sniff the air and peer at Teeva affectionately, gripping her arm, rubbing her head into her shoulder and beginning to purr.

“It seems young Yumara is a bit taken with your daughter already…how marvelous!” Zunala exclaimed with a laugh. The Podarians new that their culture was very sexually liberated but did not expect this.

“Come come…please allow us to invite you into our home…we must get to know each other better!” Zunala exclaimed as she took ahold of Veenia’s hand and lead her into the town, followed by Teeva with a daughter on either arm. The sight that beheld them once they entered the town rendered them speechless. Through open windows and even in plain sight on padded benches along the streets they could see Nekonari in any number of sexual activites, not excluding foot worship and one particular Nekonari having the living daylights tickled out of her in stocks which of course was particularly enticing to the alien visitors. It also seemed as though the streets were decorated for some special occasion with colorful decorations and ceramic lanterns lining the streets.

“You both are in luck…you chose to visit us on the eve of one of our favorite holidays known as Vostamara!” Zunala exclaimed cheerfully. “…on Vostamara, families share each other with families…all homes are open to each other and anyone of consenting age is free to switch places with members of other families to engage in affections with new partners…” She continued to explain.

“My goodness…fascinating…” Veenia responded more than a little enticed and surprised at how compelling the concept sounded to her at the moment.

“M…mother…d…do you feel…odd?” Teeva inquired as she began to feel herself becoming rather happy and affectionate herself…almost euphoric. Veenia had been trying to resist this strange sensation herself but the Podarians had not learned about one of the Nekonarian’s unique abilities…the way they release airborne pheromones when aroused and when inhaled by others, in turn works like an aphrodisiac. And with this much sexual activity going on around them, the two Podarians were definitely feeling the love in the air this evening. Another sensation they began to experience is becoming receptive to the Nekonari’s unique empathic bond, Teeva actually being able to sense the affections her two liaisons’ were feeling for her at the moment and blushing profusely as she clutched them tighter against her, they of course returning the sentiment. They entered the Velconsunai home which was modest but incredibly furnished…walk ways lined the rooms just wide enough to lead from door to door while every other surface seemed to be padded with cushions and seats of various shapes and intended uses. Already Veenia and Teeva were feeling quite amorous, drunk with this uninhibited desire for physical affection.

“Mmmmm…so…Z…Zunala…we are very curious about your customs here on Nekona…” Veenia said as she was seated down onto a long couch like furnishing, falling back alongside her daughter. Right away the two daughters took noticed of their new friends enormous feet and their eyes widened, looking up to their mother as if seeking approval. She raised a finger to halt them for the moment, not wanting to seem rude. This of course had not gone unnoticed by the Podarians.

“Oh its quite alright…we Podarians love it when people notice our feet…it’s the beauty of our feet that decide our status in society you know…and we love it when people show any affection towards them” Teeva commented as she leaned forward and slipped off her sandals, flexing her enormous feet in front of the two Nekonarians, causing them both to immediately “grow” quite rapidly.

“How interesting! You only have 4 toes!” Yumaya commented, giggling with her mouth covered not trying to sound rude.

“ONLY four?” Teeva inquired with her head tilted to one side. In response Yumaya leaned back and slipped off her own sandals, lifting her bare feet into the air, showing they were not only a size or two LARGER than Teeva’s but flexed out a total of 6 toes on either foot as Teeva nearly started to salivate in response.

“Well then…it seems theres quite a bit about your customs that we should be curious about as well…” Zunala commented as she pulled Veenia’s feet into her lap and removed her shoes, gently fondling and rubbing them in her hands. “…now then…what of this?” She inquired as she took a single fingernail, stroking up Veenia’s sole causing her to squeal out loud. Teeva giggled in response as well, bracing her mother from behind.

“OOoooh yes…we love tickling as well…” She said with a snide grin as she wiggled her toes at the daughters, enticing them. Then in a sudden and surprising motion even to herself, Teeva reached out with her long toes, gently gripping Yumara’s hard organ causing her to let out a passionate moan sounding like a cat in heat. Veenia immediately gasped with a hand against her mouth in shock.

“TEEVA!!” the Podarian Queen exclaimed as Zunala could only watch and giggle to herself.

“Oh its quite alright…you’ve both given in to our “Scent of Love”…when we Nekonari become aroused…it in turn causes anyone close enough to us to also become aroused…” Zunala commented as she began to kiss down Veenia’s neck.

“Mmmm…well now…how…convenient I’m s..sure….” Veenia replied as she leaned in towards Zunala. After only a few moments of gentle, teasing strokes, Yumara finally pounced, grabbing both Teeva’s feet, a long snake like tongue extending from her mouth and slathering her peds with affection causing the princess to let out her own soft coo of pleasure. Yumaya shook her head in response and smiled.

“Only because you’ve only recently come of age…I’ll let you have this one all to yourself…” She said to her sister with a kiss on the head before turning her attention on the two mothers beside them and smiled. “So…if beauty of feet determines your status…and you’re the queen…that would mean you must have the most beautiful feet of your people yes?” Yumaya inquired as she gazed down at the Queens flawlessly beautiful size 13’s and drooled a little.

“I most definitely will believe that…” Zunala commented as she leaned down and placed a few gentle kisses on the tops of her feet…the whole time both Podarians giving in more and more to the airborne aphrodisiac, loosing themselves to the passion and within moments were lip locked with their hosts and slowly being undressed, their royal statures being caressed so lovingly and sensually.

“Do mothers and daughters normally do this kind of thing in the presence of one another among your people?” Zunala inquired as she teasingly flicked Veenia’s nipple with her tongue. The Nekonari had always been interested in the sexual practices of other races and were surprised to find that among most civilized races it was taboo for parent and child to be present for each others sexual activities. The concept of the incest taboo was unknown to Nekona since mating and successful conception between immediate family was biologically impossible.

“Mmmm…n…no…not usually…n…normally its in…MMMM…inappropriate…” Veenia said trying not to focus on her daughters pleasure behind her.

“Very well then…Yumaya?” Zunala said as they both rose, each linking an arm with Veenia and leading her from the room, leaving the youngest of both families behind them to have their fun.

“Did those anti-gravity shackles come back from the shop yet mother?” Yumaya inquired.

“Just came back today in fact…” She responded with a snide smile as they entered a room and the door shut behind them. For the remainder of that evening, the two Podarians experience pleasure beyond anything they had ever known…being immersed in a perpetual miasma of arousal at all times only heightening every touch, tickle and lick to their highest degree of ecstasy; orgasm after mind-blowing, toe curling orgasm tearing through their bodies over and over and over again until they felt they would go mad. And just when they thought it was over, they were told that feet as beautiful as theirs deserved a truly “royal treatment” as one by one, every single consenting aged resident of their village visited the Velconsunai home to indulge themselves on the Podarian delicacies.

Hours of long slippery tongues caressing, probing and teasing their huge feet sending them so over the edge and back that rational thought was no longer present or even possible…only the over-stimulation of their sensitive and decadent Podarian soles and toes which would eventually give way to full body worship the likes of which even royalty would be jealous of. And of course at any time they need only request a Nekonari to present their own feet or bodies to them to do with as they wish, tickling and worshipping to their hearts content, nearly having their fill of half a village worth of ticklish and eager Nekonari. As honored guests the entire village was there to do as they pleased and it would only be rude for dignitaries to refuse such hospitality…

Their visit, which should have only lasted a few days…would then be extended to a few weeks…official records will indicate it was for the purpose of “further establishing diplomacy and peaceful relations via cultural immersion”. No degree of hospitality would ever equal that of the affectionate and sensual Nekonari of the planet Nekona. Needless to say…diplomatic relations…as well as establishing a new favorite vacation spot…successfully established…


  1. Now that's one great way to have diplomatic relations. ;)

    Great work on the image and accompanying story Cheshire!

  2. Whoa, is so awesome to see podarian royalties ib such passionate and steamy hot acts! Very nice!