Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cheshire

A birthday story from my good friend MirthGoblin...


Cheshire awoke, shrouded in darkness. He tried to turn over, to fall back asleep, and found that he couldn't. Something was fastened to his wrists, holding his arms and stretching them high above his head. Attempts to move his legs proved equally futile. When he tried to call out for help, he realized his mouth was filled with something round and rubbery, resisting all efforts to spit it out. From the softness under his outstretched body and the fluffy pillow propping up his head, he figured out he was probably still in bed. And most disconcerting of all, the cool air swirling over his skin told him he was mostly naked!

He shook his head and tried to clear his mind. Someone had stripped him, gagged him, and tied him spread eagle to his bed. Not your typical morning. He summoned up his earlier memories. It was his birthday, and he'd been out all night partying with his friends. Cali had gotten roaring drunk and started snogging Isa in the corner. Mab and he had engaged in a rousing drinking game, ending with both of them getting completely hammered. He'd stumbled home, perfectly happy and utterly wasted, knowing he'd suffer for his fantastic evening when the sun rose.

Well, now he was most certainly awake and this wasn't the blistering hangover he was expecting. Only time would tell if this was an improvement. After all, this certainly wasn't the first time he'd woken up tied to his bed. Honestly, it probably wouldn't be the last.

Suddenly, a bright light filled his vision, making him turn away and blink for a moment until the colored haze left his eyes. A single floodlight shown down from the ceiling, illuminating Cheshire's taut body and engulfing the bed in a pool of light. The bed, which Cheshire realized for the first time, was not his own. The plush mattress was circular, covered with red satin sheets and fluffy black pillows.

Before he could assimilate this new information, and possibly panic over being kidnapped, he was distracted by the sound of someone softly singing. The voice was sweet, yet rich, like fresh honey; the melody was all too familiar. "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you..."

Into the light strolled an alluring and exotic young woman. Her nude curvaceous body was the color of creamed coffee, her shoulder length hair the shade of autumn leaves. Charcoal grey horns curled around her pointed ears and two small wings fluttered from her back. A long, pointed tail curled around her juicy thigh. Her eyes were eerie, with blood red irises surrounded by yellow. Her expression was almost bashful, unusual for a succubus. All in all, she was a sight to terrify and entice.

"Happy Birthday, Cheshire Ca~aterling, Happy Birthday to you!" she finished, her full onyx lips curling up into an adorable smile. Suddenly her face fell, her lips turning pouty. "Though, I guess it isn't your birthday anymore. You went to sleep too late... But you don't mind a delayed birthday present do you?" she asked, strolling up the bed and sitting down on the edge next to Cheshire.

The furry feline's mind was racing. He'd seen this girl around Wakupogue College. What was her name? Started with a V... Van... Ven... Venla, that was it! Quite the little seductress, from what he'd heard. He had definitely been tempted the first time he'd seen her. Now, gazing upon her sensual body in all its glory up close... But wait, she was a succubus. That was the answer! This was a dream! Succubi could naturally enter the dreams of slumbering folk, altering them as they pleased. All he had to do was concentrate, and he should be able to wake up...

Venla saw the scrunched up look on his face, and burst into merry giggles. "Oh, you really are smart! You figured that out quick! But it won't do you any good. You have a strong will and know what you're doing. But," she added, leaning over and planting a sweet kiss on his nose, "I've had centuries of practice at this. This is my dream, and you can't wake up until I say so. So there."

She caressed his bearded cheek with a soft hand, giving him a truly affectionate smile as she gazed into his golden eyes. "But don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you. Quite the opposite, in fact," she cooed, now rubbing her warm palm over his bare chest. Cheshire couldn't deny that her touch was electrifying. "You see, I've heard from some very reliable sources that you've provided some delicious pleasure to a great deal many woman over the years. And I thought it was high time you got some tender affections for yourself. And I heard it was your birthday today... yesterday... recently," she said, her erotic expression giving way to a very cute confused look.

She shook her head, and continued. "So, this is my birthday present you to! A very naughty dream with your own personal succubus. You... might need to change your sheets after you wake up tomorrow," she giggled, crawling into the bed and taking a seat right between her legs. Every little motion made her bountiful breasts jiggle in a way that drew Cheshire's eyes against his will.

Before he could come to grips with his situation, Venla shivered mightily, sending delightful tremors through her luscious curves. "Brrr, this floor is soo cold! And you're soo hot... you wouldn't mind, warming up my feet for me, would you?" she asked sweetly, drawing a single finger up to her smiling lips. Without waiting for a reply, she planted her soles right onto Cheshire's naked chest.

"MMMmmmmmph!" cried out the feline. Her feet were like ice! It felt like someone had dropped two large slabs of chocolate ice-cream on his chest. His nipples instantly hardened at the frigid contact as he struggled against his bonds. No luck. The ropes and cuffs were well designed and firmly attached.

"Mmmm, you're so very warm, Cheshire. It's like heaven on my poor, cold tootsies. Just a little more and they'd be nice and toasty." To speed up the process, she began to rub her soles back and forth across his nipples. The velvety friction did indeed heat up her feet, but the feel of those creamy soles stroking his nubs had another effect. They were incredibly stiff now, and not just from the cold.

As Venla's naked feet warmed up against Cheshire's sensitive flesh, she lifted them up and propped her heels on the man's chest, offering him an up close look at her soles. Her skin was flawless, with subtle wrinkles down her arches and cute pudgy toes. He felt himself growing just a little hard as he gazed at her light brown soles.

Venla's face wrinkled with concern as she looked between her feet at him. "Hmmmm, oh, that's right! You prefer long toes, don't you? Well, I think I can help you out with that." She began to wriggle her toes quickly, rubbing them against each other. As she did, her digits began to elongate, stretching out. She then spayed out her slim, slender toes, wiggling them for Cheshire's benefit. "See, now they're nice and long. Just the way you like them." The growing bulge between his legs announced his agreement.

"Hehehe, I've never had my toes this long before. They're kinda like little fingers, aren't they? Hmm... I wonder..." she said, a mischievous expression crawling across her lovely face. Stretching out her legs, she dipped her toes into Cheshire's helpless underarms and began to wiggle them about.

"Mmmfff!!! Rrrrmmmph!! Eeerrrmffff!" howled Cheshire, tugging at his arms and futility trying to bring them down. Those toes tickled like mad, skittering all around his sensitive hollows. Venla licked her lips at his obvious distress, digging her digits even deeper into the soft, tender skin.

"Oh, wow, they really tickle, don't they? But you like being tickled by a woman's toes, don't you? Mmm, you must be loving this. All tied up, completely at my mercy, giggling into your gag. Tickle, tickle, tickle..."

Cheshire laughed around his gag, as his ticklish underarms were assaulted by those devious little toes. But the poor feline couldn't deny Venla's words. Even as he felt tears of mirth sliding down his cheeks, his cock began to strain against the oddly slick underwear. "Rrrrrmmmfff!! MmmUUUmmmmfff!" he cried out, unable to even beg for mercy... or more.

At long last, Venla seemed to tire of teasing his underarms, lifting up her feet and stuffing them into Cheshire's face. She began to caress his purple skin with her fleshy soles, their smell reminiscent of a smoldering campfire. Cheshire moaned with pleasure at the touch of those gorgeous feet, wallowing in the sensual attention.

As Venla began to caress his chin, she let out an adorable giggle. "Hehehe! Oh, your beard tickled my feet! Oh, and I like it! Hehehehe!" She began to run her ticklish soles even faster over his green bristles, chuckling up a storm with every pass. Her laughter was like fine champagne, sweet, bubbly, and thoroughly intoxicating. Cheshire found himself shaking his head, the better to brush Venla's wriggling soles with his soft beard.

"Oh gahahahad! Thahahahat tickles tohohoooo much! Hehehehe, don't stop, don't stahahahap!" she laughed, holding down her knees with her hands. Her toes danced merrily for Cheshire's amusement as her delightful laughter ran in his huge ears. Even bound up so tightly, the fact that he was tickling this cute girl so deftly was deeply arousing. He wished this moment could last forever.

Sadly, it was over far too quickly. Unable to restrain herself any longer, Venla pulled her ultraticklish soles away from his scratchy beard and tried to catch her breath. "Wow! Hehehehe! That really tickled! I had no idea facial hair could be that tickly! Gotta remember that one! But enough fun for me. Time to show you a little affection."

Once again, she rested her bare feet on Cheshire's chest, inches from his nose. The sight of those heavenly smooth soles, so deliciously tender and wildly ticklish, made him moan with desire. Venla giggled and began to whisper in a sultry tone. "Mmm, I know what you want. You want to lick my bare feet, don't you? To lavish them with that rough tongue of yours, making me scream with laughter and delight. To suck on my long, slender toes and nibble them until I beg you to stop... and them keep going. To bite and rub and suckle and tickle my helpless bare feet until I cream myself over and over and over again. Especially now that you know just how... sensitive they really are. Why, I bet you want nothing more than to spend the rest of the night worshiping my feet. Don't you? Don't you?"

Cheshire stared at her a moment, speechless even without the gag. His eyes wide, he simply nodded as a tiny whimper of yearning escaped his lips. Venla smiled at him with affection, but her eyes glowed with an evil glint.

"But that won't happen. Cause I'm not taking off that gag or letting you anywhere near my feet for the rest of the night. Mmm, doesn't that just kill you? Doesn't that just drive you simply insane with longing? To be so tantalizingly close and yet unable to do a single thing? Mmm, I bet it does. However, I know something else. You get off on being denied as well. You love the fact that my ticklish little feet are inches from your mouth, and you can't have them. Hehehe, I can even see how much this denial is getting you off," she said, her eyes drifting down to the tight little pup tent between his legs.

Cheshire marveled for a moment, even within his high state of arousal, how Venla could know all the right moves to seriously turn him on, without ever even meeting him. Then, he wanted to smack himself. Of course! She's a succubus! They gain their energy, their lifeforce by tapping into their victim's sexual desires. Reading into a person's secret passions was one of their most potent skills.

Well, if lust was what Venla was after, she was certainly treating Cheshire right. He could feel a little trickle of precum wetting the tip of his penis, as his entire body flushed with restrained arousal. He almost moaned with despair as those alluring soles were drawn away from his hungry gaze. The sexy succubus swung her legs around and rolled onto her tummy, her legs kicked up into the 'pose' and her face mere inches from Cheshire's loins.

"You know, even after hundreds of years, the inventions of mortals never ceases to amaze me. Who else but horny mortals could even think of something like edible underwear..." she commented, licking her lips. With a sinking feeling, Cheshire realized why his undies felt so peculiar. He stared at her wide eyed, not entirely sure if he should be hoping for or against.

"You know, Cheshire, since I wasn't invited to your party, I never got to have any birthday cake. Oh, well, I guess I'll just have to enjoy my own tasty treat," she giggled, leaning down and gently nibbling away the candy fabric around Cheshire's balls. He shivered as those luscious lips brushed against his scrotum and his balls dangled in the cool air.

With delicate little bites, Venla ate up the sugary undies, slurping up the thong strap like spaghetti. As she slowly nipped the coverings around his bulging manhood, her nails softly teased his inner thighs. Not enough to draw muffled laughter, but enough to get him squirming. She paused to chew thoughtfully, staring down at the last quarter sized scrap resting over the crown of his cock. Then she plunged the whole tip of his penis into her mouth, sucking hard and giving his slit a playful lick as she swallowed the last piece.

"Mmm, much better than a slice of cake, wouldn't you agree?" she said in her soft, sultry tone. Cheshire's cock was giving her performance a standing ovation, precum dripping. Cheshire was so keyed up by this enticing stimulation that he could barely contain himself. More than anything, he wanted to screw Venla and screw her hard. To break from his bondage and embrace her in a full on mindless rut.

Venla seemed to sense his mounting desire, waggling her finger at him like a school teacher. "Oh, you naughty boy, you. Now you want to play with me. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We've got all the time in the world to enjoy each other. And right now, I want to enjoy your stifled screams." With that, she began to lightly dance her sharp claws under Cheshire's dangling balls.

Oh, it tickled! Oh god how it tickled! Cheshire's entire body tensed up like he was being electrocuted, howling wildly into his gag. His overwhelming hysteria only increased as Venla stroked the points of her nails along the underside of his engorged cock. Venla giggled, running her fingernails all over his massive penis and his tender balls. "Ooo, how ticklish you are? Mmm, I love seeing you like this. So horny, so ticklish, unable to anything about anything I'm doing. Simply delicious..."

"MMMMMMFFFFF!!! EERRRRMMMMMFFFF!!! PPPPPPFFFFFFFMMMM!!!" he screamed incoherently, unable to believe how torturous the tickling was becoming. Every cruel caress of those pointed claws only made him more aroused, which heightened his sensitivity even more, which in turn made him much more ticklish. A vicious cycle that could only have one conclusion...

Venla seemed to realize this as well, remarking "I bet I could tickle you like this for hours and hours, and you'd cum bucket loads for me, screaming with laughter every second. And you wouldn't even be able to pass out, cause you're already dreaming. Why, I bet that would drive you simply insane, wouldn't it? Luckily for you, today is your birthday and I'm feeling extra generous."

With a grateful sigh, Cheshire felt those wicked nails surrender his ticklish cock and relinquish their assault. Gasping for breath around his gag, he giggled and mewled for a few moments. Then, suddenly, the most heavenly sensation enveloped his tortured member. Soft, squishy, and blessedly warm, the sensations drew a harsh purr from his aching throat. He glanced down to see Venla's massive breasts hugging his penis, surrounding them in their fleshy embrace.

"Mmm, doesn't that feel so much better? I know I love the feel of a nice hard cock between my boobs. Let's see if we can't ease your tension just a little, hmmm?" she said, beginning to rock back and forth on her belly. Her breasts began to slide up and down his member, gliding along its length with butter soft smoothness. Cheshire's eyes began to roll back in his head as his toes curled with indescribably pleasure.

"I bet I could keep you going like this forever," Venla sighed, still cupping Cheshire's cock in her bountiful bosom. "But we've got a long night ahead of us and oh so much to do. What say we hurry you along just a tad?" she said, before leaning down and gently licking the tip of his penis.

"MMMMMMMMMMM!!!" he cried out, eyes opening wide as his stretched body shivered with passionate euphoria. A few more gentle laps of that slick, wet tongue was all it took. With a fierce scream of pleasure, he erupted into a mind shattering orgasm. Hot cream jettisoned from his cock, flooding Venla's mouth and covering both her breasts and his penis. She chuckled at his intense joy, licking the cum from her breasts as she waited, allowing him to marinate in his bliss.

After a few moments, Cheshire's cock began to slowly wilt as his body cooled down. Just as his mind began to clear, he felt a rather naughty touch on his softening member. Looking down, he saw Venla lean forward again and lap up another droplet of cum from his manhood. Even so soon after his orgasm, he felt a stirring in his loins at the sensual feel of her tongue.

Venla blushed slightly, shrugging her shoulders at him cutely. "Well, I have to clean you off somehow, and I don't have a towel. Mmm, but don't worry, I don't mind. You taste absolutely divine. Makes me almost want to... take a bite!" she said, gently nibbling the side of his member.

"MMMMMFFFF!!!! EEERMMMMFF!!" he howled, shaking once again in his bonds. Her teeth tickled like nothing else, filling his stomach with fluttering butterflies. Tears of laughter flowed down his cheeks as he chuckled madly. But then, she began to lick him once again, running her luscious tongue along his sensitive balls.

He barely had a chance to moan with delight before those fiendish teeth once again tickled up and down his naked cock. A rather sinister pattern quickly emerged, where she'd lick him just long enough to make him purr with pleasure, before sending him back into ticklish hysterics. Over and over and over again, until his cock was both shining clean and incredibly hard. Distracted by the up and down rollercoaster, Cheshire hadn't realized how quickly he'd become horny again. The burning ache for a climax once again ravaged his loins.

Venla gave him a playful wink, spinning around and sitting once again on her pert little ass. She scooted backwards, resting her ankles on his waist. "Now, then, you naughty boy, I don't want you to think I'm cruel," she said coyly, twirling her hair between her fingers. "Just because I won't let you like my tender little feetsies. So, instead, I'll give you the next best thing. A nice relaxing foot massage."

Cheshire was confused by her words for a moment, until those long creamy soles descended upon his swollen member. She rubbed his cock languidly, stroking it from the soft squishy balls of her feet all the way down to her round, firm heels. The feel of those taut, tender arches making sweet love to his penis was enough to earn a passionate moan and a few teardrops of precum, which slicked down his cock making it all the easier for her feet to glide back and forth, back and forth. A rumbling purr rolled through Cheshire chest as he gazed upon the enchanting succubus with true affection.

But Venla was only just starting. Her slender, monkey-like toes wrapped around his member firmly, pumping him up and down. Her other foot reached up to cup the crown of his penis with her toes, gently rubbing the tender tip. Up and down, around and around her delightful digits played with his cock, fueling his elation and stoking his passion. Before long, he could feel his body seizing up for yet another orgasm.

Venla ever so gently teased the slit of his penis with her middle toe, stroking it in just the right way to set him off. He roared his ecstasy into his gag, his back arching tremendously as the climax ripped though his body. Hot pink delirium soaked his mind, as his cock shot steaming cum into the air. He collapsed into a stretched, sweaty heap, his muscles like jello and his limbs like rubber. His skin tingled with the after effects and he gazed upwards into Venla's smiling face.

"Mmm, that was impressive," she giggled, leaning forward and wiping the sweat from his face with her hands. "It's always good to be appreciated. I almost hate to tell you this, but I think it's time for a little quid-pro-quo, don't you agree? After all, you got to enjoy my feet. Now, it's my turn to enjoy yours," she grinned, a truly wicked glint in her eye.

Cheshire shook his head violently in mute protest, unable to even think about being touched upon his now hypersensitive bare feet. But it was too little, too late. Like a tigress stalking her prey, Venla began to slowly creep down the bed towards his bound feet. She neared his left foot, pausing for a moment to admire the soft violet sole, the four tender toes, the elegant curves. When she spoke, her voice was thick and sultry with lust. "My, my, for a naughty boy, you sure have sexy feet. So inviting..."

Cheshire couldn't keep a flush from caressing his cheeks, invoking such desire in a creature of pure rapture. Even under the threat of tickle torture, he was thoroughly stimulated by Venla's honest admiration. But that didn't keep him from thrashing his foot around as he felt her long nails begin closing in.

Venla watched the dancing foot with a look on consternation, before reaching out and grabbing his big toe firmly. "Enough of that. Fair's fair. You got your turn with my feet. I should get the chance to sample yours." Holding his foot captive, she gently ran a single nail down the full length of his arch.

"RRRRMMMMFFF!!!" he laughed, his entire leg shaking up and down. With practiced ease, Venla mounted his leg, pining it down with her weight and rendering him even more helpless. "Come on, big boy," she taunted in a silly sing son voice. "Take it like a man. It's only tickles, after all. Surely you can take a little harmless tickling, right?" she asked innocently, suddenly digging her sharp nails under his wriggling toes.

A wail of ticklish despair erupted around the gag, filling the room and sending delicious tremors through Venla's naked body. She ground her hips against his thigh, a little juice sliding down his leg as she moaned with delight. "Mmm, now that's the kinda sound I love. Helpless, hopeless, and completely at my mercy. Or lack thereof." With infinite cruelty, she skittered her claws up and down his sole, titillating his heel, his arch, his ball, and even under his toes.

Muted frantic laughter was her reward, pure music to her ears. She paused for a moment to let him catch his breath, studiously contemplating her next move. With a flash of insight, she leaned forward and wrapped her lips around his two middle toes. Cheshire moaned with pleasure at the feel of that supple mouth enclosing around his digits, but that was not her intention. Not by a long shot.

Gripping his toes with her unnaturally strong mouth, Venla stretched out his foot. All ten of her devilishly long claws began to rake up and down his taut sole, ravaging the tender surface with evil glee. Cheshire screamed, threatening to dislodge his gag with the force of his frenzied cries. This was simply too much to endure. His hypersensitive skin transformed the scratching nails into a horde of torturous talons. "MMMFFF!!! EERRRMMMFFF!!! MMMMEEERRRMMMFFF!!" he howled. If the tormented feline could have begged, he would have. As it was, all he could do was take every drop of ticklish torture Venla poured into his skin.

Even as she destroyed Cheshire's reddening foot with her fingernails, Venla's foot began to sneak down towards his genitals. Perfectly positioned between his legs, her long toes gently played with his dangling balls, teasing his scrotum. Through the blistering tickling upon his tender sole, his body began to react to her sensual touch. His cock gave a little shiver. Cheshire couldn't see it though the tears of mirth streaming from his green eyes and Venla was far too wrapped up in making him shriek with laughter.

After what seemed like an eternity of such demonic torture, Venla ceased her tickling and released his suckled toes. Cheshire collapsed, weak as a kitten and twice as meek. Long red streaks on his tender soles marked where Venla's nails had dug furrows into his supple flesh. The succubus glanced back at his face, a look of general affection on her round features. "Awww, poor baby. Was that too much to handle? I'm sorry if it was. Here, let me kiss it and make it all better."

And kiss it she did, leaning over and planting her moist lips on the center of his sole. Her strong fingers began to caress and massage his tortured sole, squeezing and kneading the flesh in all the right ways. Cheshire's ragged gasps quickly turned into whimpering moans of pleasure. Totally exhausted, unable to move a muscle, he luxuriated in her motherly touch. "See," she whispered, rubbing the life back into his arches with her thumbs. "I don't have to be a big meany. I can make your feet feel good too."

With her long, smooth tongue, she gently licked his instep, the warm feel pure heaven to the feline. Venla's eyes closed in blissful pleasure as she began to lick his toes, before plopping two of them in her mouth and sucking on them like hard candies. Cheshire whined with intense arousal once more, growing even hotter as she licked between the soft digits. Two by two she suckled the juicy purple toes, lavishing them with her tongue. All the while, her fingers never stopped caressing, never stopped worshiping his naked sole.

Cheshire could feel the quickening in his loins, a feeling only enhanced by Venla's big toe slowly stroking up and down his member. In record time, Cheshire's cock was once again quite stiff and ready for action, though Venla seemed more than content to make love to his lovely feet. An inclination Cheshire was more than happy to support. After furious rounds of intense tickle torture and sexual pleasuring, this slow affectionate attention was a welcomed change of pace.

All too brief, as it turned out. With obviously reluctance, Venla peeled herself away from his delectable toes and silky smooth sole, turning around and giving him an apologetic smile. "Mmm, I could indulge in this foot all night long. But we have a lot to get done tonight and plus... I think your other foot is a little lonely, don't you? Perhaps it needs a little tickly attention too!"

Cheshire's eyes grew as wide as saucers and he cried out his furious disagreement upon deaf ears. With a pretty little smile, Venla scooted over to his right foot and knelt down upon his leg. Down went her mouth over his toes, back stretched his sole, up came her tickling claws, and down went Cheshire into his own personal tickly hell. Once again in a state of arousal, Cheshire simply could not believe how torturous those claws could be upon his poor, abused sole.

His ticklish nightmare only grew worse as Venla used her secret weapon against him. Her sinuous tail came into action for the first time, wrapping around his cock as the pointed tip tickle stroked up and down his shaft. Driven far beyond his limits, Cheshire's laughter turned silent as he flung his head back in hysterical despair.
Sensing her prey was beginning to fade, Venla withdrew her ticklish assault, though her tail remained coiled around his member. She gave him a playful squeeze every couple of seconds, keeping him firm and hard as he regained his strength. Just when he was able to move again, she reached out and spider tickled his left sole. He squeaked and wriggled his foot around, but her nails backed off almost instantly. Instead, she planted a lightning quick tickle upon his right sole, just long enough to make it flail about before stopping.

"Hehehe, dance for me, my little tootsies," she giggled, playing the teasing game over and over again. Sometimes she'd go after the same foot three times in a row, sometimes she'd fake him out by moving towards one sole before striking out at the other. She'd even dip her nails under his toes occasionally, making him jump and yelp with laughter. This wasn't the merciless torture of earlier, but rather a playful amusement.

And it had exactly the effect Venla was looking for. After a few moments of mischievously tickling his feet, Cheshire was all hyped up again. And thanks to the gentle squeezing of her tail, still very hard and firm. For the first time since she'd attacked his feet, Venla stared at his impressive girth and licentiously licked her lips. "Mmmm, I think I've waited long enough. Time to feel that stiff cock between my legs!"

With nimble eagerness, Venla bounced over to his hips and straddled him. With practiced fingers, Venla slowly guided his cock to her dripping pussy, sliding down as she let her weight push them together. She arched her back in intense pleasure, caressing her breasts, at the same moment Cheshire let loose a mighty growl of euphoria. Venla's pussy was simply divine, incredibly tight and yet sensuously supple, yielding gracefully to his manhood.

As she began to slowly ride him, plunging his cock deeper and deeper into her luscious body, he wished he could reach up and grab her hips, to rock her gently and slowly. But tied down so tightly, all he could do was moan with pleasure and gaze up at her fondly.

Venla seemed to notice his enforced inactivity. She frowned, mock glaring at him through her sweaty bangs. "Hey, you naughty boy, you aren't exactly, mmmm contributing here. Do I have to doooooOOOoo all the work? Mmmmm... But, I guess you are all tied up right now, mmmmm... Perhaps you just need a little... hehehe... incentive," she said, wriggling her lengthy talons at him.

"Mmmmmmmfff! Eeerrrrmmmfff!" Cheshire shook his head wildly, pleading to her with his wide eyes. But to no avail. Venla stared at him questioningly for a moment, before smiling. "Well, you didn't say no, so I guess you agree. Giddy up, pony boy!" Without further ado, she dug her sharp nails into the soft flesh of his tummy. Cheshire burst with frantic laughter, bucking uncontrollably against the bestial punishment. His hips slammed up against Venla's body, making her breasts jiggle beautifully and pounding his cock into her moist pussy.

"OH GODS, YESSSSSS!!!! MMMMM!!!! JUST LIKE THAT!!! MORE, MORE, MORE!!!! OOOOHHH!!" hollered Venla, her cute face a mask of delirious bliss as she rode the thrashing feline like bronco. Her nails kneaded his tender flesh, tickle raping the sides of his belly. So violent were Cheshire's struggles, she had to wrap her tail around his waist to hold on. But the tantalizing feel of his hard cock nailing her pussy over and over again was worth the wild ride.

Neither feline nor succubus could endure such raw pleasure for long. Already pushed to the end of his sexual endurance, driven insane by the horrible tickling to his tender tummy, enveloped by Venla's perfect pussy, Cheshire roared like a raging lion as his climax gripped his body and coursed through his veins. His back arched, pushing Venla up into the air even as his cock flooded her pussy with hot cream. His pounding orgasm triggered Venla's own, her voice deep and husky as she sang out with him, their screams of pleasure blending into a perfect harmony.

As she fell down against him, her massive breasts caressing his naked chest, she whimpered with pleasure and cuddled up close to him. Her soft fingers stroked his nipples as she gently nibbled his ear. Cheshire was in rapturous heaven. Despite being tickled and teased by this devious woman, he couldn't deny the electrifying pleasure she'd given him. Unimaginably content, he purred with ecstasy and nuzzled her neck affectionately.

Then she began to whisper to him, and his blood ran cold. "Mmm, that was simply amazing. Hehehe, but don't think we're done just yet. You mortals have a custom, birthday spankings I think it was. Well, I don't like spankings, but I do like orgasms. So, that's my birthday gift for you. One mindshattering orgasm for every year you've been alive. Get ready, you naughty boy. Three down... twenty eight to go... Happy birthday, Cheshire."


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