Tuesday, February 11, 2014

STORY: Their First Time (F/M, M/F)

“Wow that movie sucked” Travis commented with a chuckle as he and Cali exited the theater hand in hand. They had gone to see another dime-a-dozen comic book based movie and while he didn’t know quite enough about the original source material to label him as a “comic geek”, he did know just enough to know that they really screwed it up.

“Oh I dunno…I like that girl that played the female lead…she was a hot little piece…” Cali replied with a smirk. And not that Travis had quite that much to complain about; about 20 minutes into the movie Cali had lifted up the arm rests over a 3-seat area and after slipping off her sandals, spread herself out with her bare feet in Travis’s lap to do with as he pleased. Neither of these two followed the movie quite as closely as they normally would have with Travis’s caressing and fondling of her toes and Cali watching his face with quiet affection.

It had been about 2 weeks since that afternoon at the Greenfort Trails and since that day Cali had become overwhelmed with a tidal wave of strange new emotions that were all together foreign to her in every way. Those who knew her best noticed a definite change in her behavior at times; daydreaming a lot more often, a bit scatterbrained, not nearly as aggressive or abrasive and of course, lit up like the sky on the 4th of July whenever anyone even mentioned Travis’s name around her. Was she really falling in love with this guy? That was her best friend Isa’s theory and as much as she longed for Cali herself, she couldn’t help but feel so happy for her best friend and be there for her through this, among the most exciting and frightening times in Cali’s young life. And while Cali normally had a propensity to be rather touchy feely and physically affectionate with people she that caught her interest in the past, this was so much more different. She had a sense of fear now, of going too far, too quickly and possibly ruining something that could be so very real and special. As a result she’s had to curb her enthusiasm until now, force herself to control her urges and desires….that is…until tonight of course….


Cali and her mother Moira were engaging in one of their traditional activities, sitting across from each other on the couch, feet in each other’s laps giving each other a massage. Such a mother/daughter bonding experience had been the norm with them for a number of years and a relaxing, comfortable environment for them to converse with each other. Tonight however, Cali had a heavy burden on her mind and was prepared to request quite a favor of her mother.

“Um…mom?” Cali said, eyes still lowered down as she pressed her thumbs into Moira’s right sole.

“Yes child?” Moira responded in her thick Scottish brogue.

“I…have something I need to ask you…call it…a favor…”

“Hmmm?” Moira responded now raising her head up slightly, seeing Cali was not making eye contact, a sure sign that something was up.

“Do you think there’s any way that….well….um….”

“Out with it child…” Moira interjected in her usual direct tone. Moira always preferred that people just said what was on their mind rather than beat around the bush.

“Oh…um…is there any way that maybe you could….make yourself scarce tomorrow night?” She finally forced out as she slowly looked up with a timid look in her eyes. Immediately Moira looked back at her with “that look” of hers…that “Oh just what are you up to young lady?” kinda look.

“And why is that dear?” Moira responded in a deceptively unassuming tone.

“Oh…n…no reason…I just….well….” She continued to stammer as she suddenly felt Moira’s grip tighten slightly around her left ankle. Looking up she could see Moira gazing down at her free hand, as she rubbed her thumb and pointer finger together….and she knew what was coming next.

“Caledonia Mackenzie Gustafson? Why do you need your mother out of the house tomorrow night?” She inquired with a bit more authority to her tone as she gently gripped at the base of the second toe on Cali’s left foot with her pointer and thumb nails. As her mother, Moira new more about Cali than anyone else, including her weaknesses and most sensitive of spots. This move of hers was more effective than any choke hold or submission move, only needing to gently knead these two points with the tips of her fingernails and for some strange reason, Cali was never even able to struggle only lay there and take it as long as her resolve would hold.

“MOHOHOHOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAMAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!” Cali shrieked as Moira began the gently wiggling between her toes, knowing full well tickling her mother back wouldn’t do any good less she wanted to get it even worse. But what could she do? How could she…how could ANY daughter ask their mother such a thing? After only a minute or so she finally gave in. “OKAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAY!!!! OKAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!” She screamed as Moira finally ceased and Cali caught her breath. She sat up, pulling her feet back and sitting on her knees in a surprisingly subservient and docile pose on the couch, hands in front of her facing her mother with a nervous look in her eyes. Moira could finally tell something serious was going on now.

“Well…it’s just…tomorrow night I’m going out on a date…with Travis…and well…um…I…I wanted to…” Cali stammered, but didn’t need to go on any further, Moira immediately knowing full well where she was going with this as she crossed her arms and looked at Cali. But before she could even react, Cali gazed at her with a look in her eyes that she had never seen before in her daughter. It wasn’t a look of desire or mischief or any such frivolity….it was genuine affection, longing, but mostly….vulnerability. Moira’s expression softened as she smiled at Cali and spread her arms wide, Cali immediately crawling up towards her, curling up in a very cat-like pose with her head on Moira’s chest, embracing her daughter and running her fingers through her hair.

“I know that look in your eyes…I had the same look when I first met your father god rest his soul. I’ve seen the way you get when you talk about this boy Travis. I can’t remember ever seeing you so happy…” She spoke softly, resting her cheek on the top of Cali’s head. “I see these kids on TV…gang members, teenage pregnancies and kids getting STD’s and what have you…and I thank god I have a daughter who uses the good sense the lord gave her. You have a good head on your shoulders and despite your wild antics you’ve always been very responsible and with good judgment…you get that from my side of the family.” She said as they both giggled. “You’re also however very stubborn and proud…which tells me if you’re actually willing to give yourself to young Mr. Morgan than he really must be something special…*sigh*...if you truly believe that you’re ready, then I’d be doubting how well I raised you by refusing such a request…” She said as she kissed Cali on the head. Immediately Cali squealed and wrapped her arms around Moira.


“HOWEVER….” Moira interjected quickly shutting Cali up. “…I do have some ground rules…”

“Y..yes of course…”

“You’ll use protection?”

“Of course mom! Jeez…”

“You’ll clean up that disaster area down there I’m assuming?”

“Well yeah, I want it to be perfect of course…”

“Okay then…lastly…just don’t hurt the poor boy too badly now…” She said with a mischievous smirk. Cali laughed and hugged her mom.

“I love you mom…thank you…”

“I love you too baby…*sigh*…when did you go and grow up on me like that? I mean honestly…where do you get off?”


“I’ll go and give Jocelyn a call and see if she wants to go out tomorrow night…she’s always fun…”

“Alright…you gonna let her get you high again?”

“What makes you think that?”

“Well…she is Petra’s mom after all…”

“Right right….”


Despite Cali’s signs of affection in the theater, Travis had this strange feeling that something was off. She had been acting somewhat distant with him, as if she had other things on her mind. Had he done something wrong? Had he been too affectionate? Not enough? He had no way of knowing that in reality she was both terrified and infinitely excited of what the night was going to bring. His paranoia was only enforced when right after the movie, still early in the night, Cali asked Travis to “Bring her home”. His heart sunk slightly…had she lost interest in him? Then why the feet play in the theater? Some kind of going away present maybe? He didn’t inquire as to why, simply took Cali by the hand and began to walk (she didn’t live very far from there). He became even more confused by the way she clung to his arm as they walked, as if terrified of letting him go or else someone may steal him away.

“Um…babe? Is something wrong? You’re acting really strange tonight…” Travis finally inquired as they approached the corner of Cali’s block. Cali simply looked up at him with an endearing smile and shook her head. It was hardly a definitive answer, only increasing the confusion if anything. Finally they got to Cali’s front door, Travis more than prepared to kiss her goodnight, possibly for the last time and see her in. Clutching his hand tight, Cali kissed him long and passionately, never once releasing her grip until finally moving close to his ear and uttering those magic words….

“My mother is gone for the night Travis…” She whispered in a sultry tone as she pulled back and gazed at him with a seductive look in her eyes. All at once his eyes widened and he blushed deep red.

“I…um…that is…” He stammered with his hand still in Cali’s vice like grip as she slowly lead him inside as if uncaring of anything he had to say at the moment. It wasn’t so much that she didn’t care…her mind was made up so anything he said at this point didn’t really matter. It would take A LOT for him to kill the mood tonight. She led him through the kitchen and down the stairs to her basement apartment.

The whole basement is very much like a typical college dorm. Most of the furniture doesn't match and looks like it was found in someone’s garbage, all except the sectional L-shaped couch which makes up most of the seating in the living room atop a retro orange and green shag carpeting. A makeshift TV-unit is the focal point of the living room with a TV, DVD player, VCR and a number of video game systems, most of which are horribly outdated including the Sega Genesis and original NES. An "arm chair" sits by the door to the bedroom which Cali refers to as her "throne" and is actually the discarded front seat from a Ford Mustang. The walls are covered with posters and magazine clippings to the point where the original walls (70’s wood paneling) can't even be seen anymore.

“N…nice place you have here Cali…” Travis said, having never actually been in her home before, the whole time repeating in his head “GONNA GET LAID, GONNA GET LAID, GONNA GET LAID, GONNA GET LAID, GONNA GET LAID, GONNA GET LAID, GONNA GET LAID, GONNA GET LAID…” Truth be told, ever since Cali had taken an interest in Travis and gone out of her way to torment his poor youthful hormones with her feminine wilds, she’s been the only focal point for his sexual fantasies. Travis had lost count of how many times he had laid in bed, stroking himself off into oblivion while fantasizing about Cali; licking her feet, sucking her toes, tickling her soles and thrusting himself deep inside her over and over and over again, making her scream in pleasure and hysteria all at the same time. And while at this moment Cali seemed to be calm, collected and oh so alluring, she was screaming her head off inside, barely able to contain herself, even more terrified than he was and had had just as many lustful fantasies involving him as well. She had never known such vulnerability and fear, yet somehow these strange feelings only magnified the suspense.

Never releasing his hand, she brought him through the living room into her bedroom, guiding him to the middle of the room next to the bed as she leaned against the door, pushing it closed. The bedroom was decorated in very much the same manner as the other room, walls covered in posters and photos and an odd assortment of furniture including a bean-bag chair, a set of shelves that were little more than planks of wood with cinder blocks between them, a set of large speakers with an electric guitar leaning against them and a queen sized bed extending off the wall. Cali stood there for a second, head tilted down slightly as she looked Travis up and down like a hungry predator. Travis, standing there fidgeted nervously as she eyed him, not knowing exactly if there was something he was supposed to be doing right now until Cali shot him a devious smile, baring her fangs. All at once she lunged forward, tackling him to the bed, pinning him down by his shoulders and glaring at him lustfully.

“You have no idea…how long…I’ve been waiting for this baby….” She whispered to him as she leaned down and locked lips with him for a long and passionate kiss, caressing his body up and down with her hands, flicking her tail back and forth happily.

“I…I think I might…” He replied with a sheepish smile as he looked back up at her lovingly. She motioned for him to straighten out on the bed so he was laying long ways in the middle, only to reassume her position, now sitting upright straddling his waist.

“Now…what to do with you…” She said in a sensual tone of voice as she looked him up and down.

“Whatever you desire…” He replied feeling in an afterthought that it was a truly corny reply.

“You’re such a dork Travis” Cali replied with a giggle as she leaned forward once more, appearing to be thrusting her shirt covered breasts into his face until he felt her grab his wrist and pull it upward only to be strapped into a leather cuff that had already been chained to the headboard.

“Ooooooh man…” He mumbled as Cali went to work on the other wrist, only to sit back up to admire her handiwork.

“Oooooo…I think I like you like this…” She said with a smile “Forgive me but tonight…I’m going to see…” She continued as she leaned in close enough so they were almost touching lips “…how much…*kiss*…you can take…”

“H…how much…I can take?” He replied feeling a little nervous now. I mean…how well did he REALLY know Cali? What else could she be into that he might not know about? He suddenly had a mental image of Cali standing over him in a black leather bodice carrying a whip in her hand. Climbing off of him, she traveled down to the bottom of the bed, grabbing his ankles and pulling him downward, tightening the hold on his wrists as well as allowing her to stick both feet and ankles through the openings in the railing of the footboard which she then tied with nylon rope. Then she just sat there…pondering to herself for a moment as a devilish grin came upon her lips…and began to untie his sneakers.

Immediately Travis knew what he was in for “oh god oh god oh god oh god…” He mumbled to himself as Cali continued to work, giggling maliciously at his reaction, now knowing full well that her efforts were to be well rewarded. Truthfully Travis hadn’t been tickled on his feet in a number of years, not since he was a kid but could remember how unbearably ticklish he was. Somehow though the thought of Cali doing it to him in this scenario was somewhat appealing to him…especially if it meant maybe he’d be able to return the affections later. Once both sneakers had been removed she slowly and torturously began to slip off his left sock and no sooner had it cleared the toes did she sit back for a moment and stare.

“My goodness…” She whispered. It was no secret that Cali had always had a foot fetish…however such an attraction had only ever been focused on female feet. They were quite large (making her hopeful that the old myths were true), a size 12 and slender with long well spaced toes and a high arch. But she was amazed at how genuinely attractive they were…so soft and well kept. “You know you have really cute feet?” Cali commented as she slowly raised her head up so only her eyes were visible over the baseboard as she gazed up at him with a devilish snicker.

He flexed his toes nervously when Cali hadn’t done anything for a while causing Cali to salivate slightly. Finally she reached out and placed both of her hands on his foot, gently rubbing and caressing it in her palms. Travis was surprised at what an enjoyable sensation it was, but knew it wouldn’t be long. She reached under the bed and pulled out a shoe box of assorted tickling tools and selected her favorite, a long stiff red feather she acquired at a crafts store. She gently placed it against the ball of Travis’s left foot and slowly dragged it down his foot across the sole all the way to the heel. Travis let out a long squeal of laughter, arching his back and yanking his leg in vain. The sound he made was like music to Cali’s ears. “Such an adorable laugh baby! I think I would like to hear it some more!” She exclaimed. The next attack was a bit more evil, as she now began to wiggle the feather lightly at the very center of his sole, watching as his toes danced around merrily in reaction, scrunching and spreading them while he shrieked with hysterical laughter. All the while Travis was amazed to find that this was not only a surprisingly enjoyable experience…but…he was actually getting aroused by it!

“Awwwww…my poor wittle tickawish baby….” Cali teased as she dropped the feather, grabbing his toes with one hand, pulling his sole back taught and really dragged her nails up and down his sole aggressively, causing his rolling laughter to become a cacophony of mad shrieks and screams throwing his head back and forth. Just when he thought he couldn’t get any louder, she dug her nails under his toes and wiggled away, causing him to practically leap off of the bed, crying in agony but becoming harder and harder with each moment. Cali ceased her attack momentarily as she went to work removing the other sock, causing Travis to let out an adorable whimper that made Cali’s heart melt. “Oh what’s wrong hon? Too much for you?” She challenged, taking a stab at his male pride as he quite defiantly responded
“Do your worst Cali…” with a slight weakness to his voice. She squealed with laughter at this, loving it when they actually ask for it.

“That’s what I like to hear….” It was then that she noticed the gradually expanding bulge in his pants making her all that much more excited. “Well then…I see you’re enjoying yourself…oh and don’t worry, my mom had the basement sound proofed when I started to learn guitar…” She said with a giggle as she stood on her knees dead center on the bed and began to scribble her nails all over both of Travis’s soles. Like an electric shock his whole body erupted upward, screaming, shrieking, crying and begging with hysterical laughter.


“What? You can’t what? I can’t understand you Travis! Speak up!” Cali mocked as she laughed at his predicament. After a few minutes she ceased her attack to allow him to rest, still lovingly caressing both of his feet before finally deciding to try something. She gripped the toes of his right foot in hand, pulling them back…and dragged her tongue from the heel all the way up to the toes. The sound he made was unlike anything she expected…a strange mixture of giggling, whimpering and moaning…so she continued, flicking her tongue up and down his sole and then finally descending upon his slender toes, sucking on each one down the line and darting her tongue back and forth between each pair. “Gooood?” She inquired.

“I dohohohohon’t knohohohohooow…” He stammered, not really knowing how to react to this all together new sensation he was experiencing. While still using her tongue on his right foot, she retrieved the feather and began to wiggle it around teasingly in the center of his left sole, causing the reaction to be even more intense and it taking everything in Cali not to burst out laughing at the downright hilarious sounds her man was making. After having her fill on both feet she climbed back up on to the bed, reclaiming her perch straddling his waist and gazing down at him.

“Awwww…my guy…what a cutey…” She chirped with a giggle as he began to come down from his ticklish euphoria, just in time to see Cali pulling her shirt off over her head, revealing a lacey black bra only barely holding in her womanhood which itself didn’t last too long either, being swiftly removed and thrown to the floor. No sooner had “the girls” made an appearance than did she feel the throbbing motion beneath her, making her giggle to herself. She sat there looming over him, her ample, well shaped breasts presenting themselves in all their glory for him who could only stare, speechless. “Too bad you can’t touch huh?” She teased as she leaned forward, hovering them mere inches away from his face causing him to extend his tongue in response to which she quickly recoiled. “Nuh-uh! Not yeeet!” She continued to tease emitting enough endearing whimper from her boy toy, only to increase the frustration by caressing her nipples in front of him and moaning softly. Cali really wasn’t a cruel person by any rate, just one who learned enough from literature and her own extensive pornography collection about the merits of slowly bringing someone to the brink of madness through taunting and teasing before you allow them to “unleash the beast” as it were.

Not that Cali was having an easy time either; she had already begun to practically drip in anticipation herself. All she wanted to do was tear his pants off and hump the crap out of him but she knew preparation was needed for maximum pleasure, and being both their first times she wanted to make it an experience to remember. Leaning down, Cali began to unbutton Travis’s shirt, revealing his swimmers build chest, washboard abs and the only sign of body hair he had, a single little trail of fuzz that traveled down the center of his chest. Cali laid herself down, pressing her breasts against his chest and kissing along his upper chest and collar bone, distracting him from her true intention as he suddenly felt a pair of sneaky fingernails dig directly into his armpits.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!” He shrieked loud enough to wake the dead and bucked hard enough to nearly throw Cali off of him if she wasn’t an athlete herself. “RIDE’EM COWBOY!!” She squealed in laughter as she wiggled her fingernails from his underarms down along the sides of his chest and ribs, riding him like a bucking bronco, probing and teasing and searching every square inch of his torso for the most sensitive of areas. Sure she had tickled him a few times before, but never had she been able to do so proficiently and able to make a mental note of where the best spots were.

She had to scoot down a bit more to get to her next target, his soft shapely belly but this now put “herself” directly on top of “himself” and even with two layers of fabric separating the two, she shivered at the feeling of his hard shaft pressing against her, already being able to tell that her theory was accurate and he was indeed quite large, filling her with even more joy and desire.  Opting to give him a moment to breath, she hopped down off to the bed and ever so slowly stripped off her khaki’s and panties, standing there for a moment to let Travis take her in, caressing her own body up and down. “You like what you see baby?” She inquired in an incredibly seductive voice before once again climbing back on top of him.

“Y..you have no idea…more than I ever could have imagined..”. Here was the most sexy, desirable female Travis had ever met, currently sitting on top of him completely naked and he was completely bound, unable to do anything but look. Truthfully she took her pants off so she could better feel Travis’s bulge against her as she went to work but she would never admit that right now.

“So…do you imagine me often then?” She inquired with a giggle. “Tell me…”

“Wh..what?” He mumbled.

“You said I was better than you could have imagined. Have you ever fantasized about me?” She added. There was a part of Cali that always found it incredibly flattering when people fantasized about her, and even arousing if the feeling was mutual. She had to know.

“ALL…THE…TIME…” He responded quite dramatically.

“Reeeeally?” Cali answered with a cheerful giggle.

“Y…yeah…honestly you’re all I ever think about now when I…” He stopped himself realizing what he was about to say and feeling embarrassed.

“When you what? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!” She exclaimed as she bounced gently up and down on top of him. “Vee have vays of making you talk!” She added in a comical accent. She gently and delicately stroked her nails along his soft belly, emitting a symphony of soft giggles and chuckles. “Teeeeeeeell meeeeee….” She chanted in a sing-songy voice as she then pulled off yet another surprise attack, quickly scooting her lower half backwards, over his crotch and onto the bed between his legs as she leaned forward and blew a series of long drawn out raspberries on his belly. Travis completely freaked, the surprise attacks being the worst for him, not giving him the opportunity to brace himself.

“HAHAHAHAHAAAAAOKAAHAHAHAHAAY!!! OKAHAHAHAHAAY!!!!!” He screamed until she let up her attack; he was ready to spill it all. “…ever since I met you, you’re the only thing I visualize when I masturbate…I really haven’t been able to fantasize about anyone else even if I tried…” He confessed as if incapable of restraining himself. Cali blushed deep red at hearing this, finding it incredibly arousing that she had become the only sexual fantasy for this man.

“Well…I have a confession myself…” She said as she slowly crawled forward, up over his torso till they were face to face. “...you’re all I ever fantasize about too…the only thing that gets me off these days it seems” She whispered as she playfully licked his nose, causing him to moan softly. ”Speaking of which…” She said as she gazed down at the bulge in Travis’s pants and smiled. “…I’ve had my fun…looks like someone else wants to play…” She said with a smirk as she placed her hand on top of his cloth covered erection and began to gently trace along the outer edges of his hard shaft pressed against the fabric, causing him to moan and shake with each motion.

“This is it…” he thought to himself, almost ready to cry he was so happy. Intentionally slow, Cali undid his belt, slowly pulled down the zipper and pulled back the flaps. Almost instantly Travis’s full manhood was poking up through the opening in his boxer shorts and Cali had to do everything to keep herself from squealing out with joy. Nothing could have prepared her for the sight of his full erect cock standing at attention there in front of her. It was empowering knowing that she was capable of arousing him quite so much. Nervously she raised her hand and softly wrapped her fingers around it making Travis whimper softly; the warmth passing into her hand causing her to let out a soft coo.

“I know what you want…” She whispered as she gave it a few quick strokes before rolling over onto the side of Travis so she was lying beside him and raising one of her long, pale size 11’s up onto Travis’s thighs and wrapping her slender toes around the shaft. Travis let out a long moan of relief at finally knowing what this sensation really feels like, not just in his greatest fantasies. “That good baby?” She whispered as she gazed into his eyes lovingly and placed a soft kiss on his cheek. Slowly she began to stroke up and down, massaging and fondling the shaft between her toes and wrapping them around the head allowing it to slide along the groove between her first and second toes. She then repositioned herself yet again so she was now sitting upright beside him and brought the other foot over, clutching his hardening shaft between them. She had never given a footjob before, but she was amazed at how turned on she was getting by it, the feeling of his warm member against the bottoms of her feet were heavenly, and the moans of pleasure were causing her own hand to creep downward and begin fingering herself, finally unable to hold back her desires any longer. She stared at his cock, debating if she should try it…the one thing she had always been worried about being good at, but at this point figured all bets were off.

She repositioned herself yet again so she was laying beside Travis pointed downward with her upper body draped over his thigh and her feet right up on his upper chest directly in his face. “They’re all yours baby…” She whispered as Travis immediately extended his tongue and began to lick to his heart’s content, Cali now more than happy to follow his every movement allowing him to have his fill as she then leaned in and began to gently lick the tip of his rock hard organ….Travis froze up completely in that moment.

“Is she going to…oh god…you mean?...” He thought to himself as he pressed his face firmly against Cali’s soles to stifle his whimpers as sure enough, Cali wrapped her lips around the end and slowly swallowed down his cock down to the hilt, she being glad that she didn’t have a gag reflex. She slowly bobbed her head up and down, gliding her tongue along the shaft inside her mouth as it passed through, teasing the tip when she got to the top and then thrusting back down again, all the while lovingly caressing his face with her long toes and soft soles. This was greater than any fantasy Travis had ever had in his life and Cali was finding that she was finding this activity quite enjoyable herself, never having gone down on a guy before until now. Both Travis and Cali were also feeling a sense of fear as well…because they had begun to realize in the course of the night that they had actually begun to fall in love with each other and neither knew exactly how to react to it.

Isa always teased her with the way she was fond of sucking candy about how she had an “oral fixation”. Only now did she realize how true that was; she loved this. She had begun loosing herself in the activity, grasping his shaft with her hand and twisting and stroking it away as she sucked and tease the tip with her tongue, Travis letting out louder and louder moans of pleasure with every passing moment. The power trip was exhilarating for her. That’s when an idea popped into her head…an EVIL idea. She unsheathed his rock hard organ from her mouth and looked up at Travis. “Was that good baby?” She inquired, Travis feeling a bit of aggravation, having been so close to orgasm if only she had gone a minute longer. Then suddenly he felt it, her nearly demonic fingernails wiggling and stroking away at the base of his shaft.

“OHOHOHO GOHOHOHOHOHOHOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!! NOOOOOOHOHOHOHOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” He screamed in hysterical agony as his overly stimulated and hyper-sensitive unit received a cruel tickling by Cali’s fingernails, as she explored up and down the shaft, around the tip of the head and then down around his balls.

“Oh my god! I had heard how effective this was but wow!” Cali exclaimed cheerfully as she continued her cruel attack on her new favorite part of Travis’s anatomy. Just when he thought he would go completely mad, a most unexpected thing happened…he came… hard. A geyser of hot semen exploded forth, causing Cali to flinch and react quickly, shifting out of the way as his stomach and thighs were drenched in his seed.
“Wooooooooow….didn’t expect that!” Cali said laughing hysterically as she reached over the side of the bed for a box of tissues. Travis was panting like a dog locked in a hot car from the release and looked down at Cali as she wiped him clean. However rather than fatigue, he had a carnal, predatory look in his eyes, his stare nearly piercing through Cali, causing her whole body to shiver from excitement. Looking down she also noticed…he was still as hard as ever.

“Ooooooh…horny little devil ain’t ya?” Cali commented trying to maintain some semblance of confidence and strong will even though the look in her lover’s eyes was breaking her down bit by bit. “OH FUCK IT!!!” She finally exclaimed as she reached over to the drawer in the nightstand, nearly falling off in the process, pulling out a condom and quickly unwrapping it. “Ummmm…” she hesitated for a moment trying to figure out which way it went on (porn movies rarely covered such content) but finally managed to get it on the only way she knew how, placing it in her lips and applying it orally. Then finally Travis could see that look in Cali’s eyes that Moira had seen the previous day…that vulnerability and shyness as she gazed down, realizing what would come next. She ever so slowly climbed up on top of Travis, who never averted his eyes from this endearing look on Cali’s face.

“Is she actually…scared?” Travis thought to himself as he watched her, looking like she was on the verge of tears. Cali had always been the very definition of strength and confidence, rarely showing a single shred of weakness or fear, so this was understandably unexpected. Finally, as she locked eyes with Travis and smiled nervously, she ever so slowly…lowered herself down, sliding Travis deep inside her.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOH MYYYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!” They both exclaimed in unison Travis fighting against his bonds more than ever, wanting so desperately to wrap his arms around this sex goddess as she slowly grinded her loins against him, leaning down and kissing him deeply.

“OUT….” He growled quite forcefully.

“Wh…what?” She responded rather surprised.

“LET…ME…OUT!!!” He commanded with a guttural, animalistic sound to his voice as he stared deep into her eyes, in the way a wolf would stare down another to assume dominance. Every shred of control or dominant force Cali may have had left had now been shattered completely. For a moment she pondered if he had any furry blood in him, that of a predatory animal; the look in his eyes was beyond human. Without saying a word, she obediently reached up and quickly unfastened the leather cuffs holding his wrists. Immediately he sat up, wrapping his arms around Cali, still deep inside her as she sat in his lap, embracing each other tight and thrusting himself deeper and deeper with every motion, Cali moaning and yelping with little restraint, her arms clutched up in front of her in a very submissive and timid pose. She was now his…to do with and be commanded as he pleased. He laid her on her back, leaning forward and gently licking and nibbling on her nipples, as Cali cooed like a wooed schoolgirl. “Ankles!” He commanded once more as Cali quickly reached up over her head, untying the nylon rope binding his ankles, knowing full well once this beast was fully unleashed, she would be at his delicious mercy…

The moment the last knot was untied, he lifted her off the bed with nearly inhuman strength, now having been reduced to a weakened, shaking mass of arousal, amazed at his sheer power and having never known the pleasure of feeling so helpless. He spun around, practically throwing her to the bed where he had been for most of the night and just as she had, quickly bound her wrists. She let out a girlish whimper, his dominant energy rendering her practically paralyzed before him. “T…Travis...” she mumbled, no really having it in her to say much else than his name. He gazed down at her, hair a shambles, chest heaving and staring at his pretty as he pulled out, dropping down and plunging his face deep between her legs. She let out a shriek as his tongue assaulted her clit, swinging her head back and forth as he wrapped his arms around her thighs and hungrily licked away, teasing the folds and crevices savagely, determined not to let up until he pushed her over the limit. Having already been brought to such a level of ecstasy over the course of the night, it didn’t take long for Cali to let out an ear-piercing scream as her back arched and she soaked the sheets beneath her. He sat back up, wiping the moisture from his face and looked into the eyes of his goddess, drenched with sweat, breathing heavily and beat red.

“P…please…f…fuck me!! FUCK ME TRAVIS!!!” She screamed out in a weak willed and shrill voice she had never known until tonight. Slowly Travis leaned forward over her, like an animal about to feed on his prey and rested himself down up on her lightly. Cali breathed in his scent deeply and indulged in the feeling of his warm chest against her own. Placing his head beside hers, he gently breathed into her ear before finally speaking…

“No….” He whispered before abruptly sitting back up and giving her a coy smile.

“……..heh?” Cali commented with a comical smirk on her face as she looked at him confused.

“Now…it’s my time to play…with you…” He whispered in a sinister tone as Cali’s eyes widened in terror. The sensitivity of her body was at high alert from the intense sexual arousal; tickling now would be the true height of torture for her but all the same she didn’t have the strength or the sincere desire to resist.

“N…no…p…please…” She whimpered making her best pouty face at her would be tormentor only causing him to throw back a somewhat sarcastic sad face and shaking his head.

“Awwww…my poor baby…” He started to say as he reached forward, placing his fingertips into the silky smooth recesses of Cali’s under arms and began to gently wiggle them. “Tickle ticklllle…” Immediately Cali began to quiver and wiggle around, letting out a whimpering giggle as he teased her. Sure enough the state she was in her ticklishness was at its highest level as she bucked and struggled best she could in her weakened state. She stared into Travis’s eyes with a combination of terror and lust as he played with his new toy, knowing she was in for quite a bit of her own delicious torment. He slowly dragged his nails down along her ribs and along the underside of her supple breasts, causing Cali to shiver and coo like a small child. “You had no idea how long I’ve wanted to do this kitty. To have you here at my mercy to play with as long as I wanted; of course I always thought you’d put up more of a fight then this…” He spoke softly followed by a mischievous giggle.

“I cahahaha…I cahahaheheheheeh!!!” Cali attempted to respond but couldn’t get out the words.
“What was that? I can’t understand you…” He replied as she wiggled his fingers faster along the outer curves of her breasts and crept up to the nipples, teasing them gently, causing Cali to arch her back and let out an adorable moan. “…that’s what I thought…” He added, having fully embraced this new dominant position he was now in, his throbbing hard member pulsating atop Cali’s stomach. Then without any warning he then quickly thrusted his fingers deep into the fleshy surface of her sides.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEEHEEHEEHEHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!” Cali screeched as she kicked her legs around behind him, having only enough strength left to gently thump her heels against the bed. Travis then turned his head over his shoulder.

“Hmmm…now where did it go…” He thought out loud as he got up off of Cali. No sooner had Travis dismounted her did she immediately tuck her legs up into her as tight as possible; without her wrists bound she would have assumed the full fetal position. He searched around at the base of the bed and recovered that feather she had used on him earlier, returning to the bed and grabbing hold of her legs. “Now now…straighten out…” He whispered as Cali reluctantly complied, stretched her legs back out to which Travis sat between her legs facing her with his own legs draped over her thighs looking down at her moistened crotch. “Well now…someone’s enjoying this hmm?” He said with a laugh as he slowly brought down the feather along the midriff, just below Cali’s navel and began to gently drag the tip around her belly, moving further down with every lap.

“Hehehehoooooh goooohohohohod!! HEHEHEHHAHAHAHAHA…*gasp*…heheheheHAHAHA!!” Cali giggled as he teased her lower quarters with the bristly tool, venturing down around outer edges of her trembling vulva and along her inner thighs. Cali emitted a symphony of giggles, moans and gasps with every pass as he seemed to cross over several spots with varying levels of reaction, ticklish or erogonenous with the precision of a medical surgeon. He then lifted the feather up by the stiffened tip, letting it dangle from his hand as he locked eyes with Cali and began to slowly lower it wards her burning loins, Cali watching on in quiet anticipation.

“Now…its my turn to ask some questions…” Travis whispered as he stopped less than an inch from physical contact. Cali simply nodded silently at him, her eyes never pulling away from the dangling instrument of torture. “You say you fantasize about me…care to elaborate on that?” He added with a soft chuckle. Cali then responded without hesitation…

“Yes…of course…” She stammered. “…usually its something v..very much like this…I’m tied down…you’re playing with my body…making me squirm…quiver…beg…” She began to speak in a very enticing and alluring tone, hoping to push to break his resolve and force him to stop with the teasing and just take her body. However all he did was smile, and using one hand to spread her open, he began to gently tease the many valleys and folds with the tip of the feather, occasionally crossing across the clit, causing her to jump slightly from the bed and emit an endearing little squeak. After several minutes of this malicious assault, Cali finally screamed out something she never thought she was capable of.

“PLEHEHEHEEHEASE LEEHEHEHET MEEEEE CUUUUHUHUMM!!! I BEHEHEEG YOOOOU TRAHAHAHAVIIIIIS!!!! PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEHEHEEHEHEHEASEEEE!!!” She shrieked at the top of her lungs causing Travis to stop in his tracks, ponder for a moment and then smile at her.

“Ooooooh…you want this hmmm?” He inquired as he scooted forward slightly, the crown of his rock hard member only grazing her hot, wet lips. Cali whimpered and whined as she attempted to move herself down to insert it further only to be held fast by her bound wrists. “Not yeeeeeeet!” Travis teased causing Cali to kick her legs frantically as she continued to whine. He tilted his head to one side towards her pale white legs and then back to her again with a smug smile. “Well now…you trying to tell me something? Are your feet lonely?” Travis asked in an almost childish voice. Cali’s eyes widened as she swung her head back and forth frantically, pulling her legs back as far as possible and wailing like a little girl with tears streaming down her face. Throughout all this Cali had been brought to a level of arousal hell, ready to burst but without any more “direct” stimulation she would be forced to suffer further. “Hey now…get back over heeeeere!” He teased as he leaned forward gripping her ankles and stretching her back out, not needing to exert much strength to fight against her fatigued body. Immediately he looped his left arm around her ankles facing away from her and gazed down at the objects of his affection, her baby soft, fair skinned and freckled size 11’s with their long slender toes and high arches. He let out a sigh of contentment as he looked back over his shoulder at the frantic Cali, still desperately wiggling her feet around trying to cover one with the other even before the tickling had begun.

“You’re adorable when you’re submissive you know that?” He said with a pleasant smile as she clenched her eyes tight, bracing herself. With his free hand he gripped hold of her right foot and held it back by the ball, lowering his head to inhale their scent before he slowly inserted her second toe into his mouth. Cali immediately let out a long passionate wail, not expecting such an action, always having a major foot fetish herself and loving foot worship. He playfully danced his tongue around the stem and ball, teasing the spaces on either side as he drew in the full length, dragging his upper teeth along the flesh underside on his way up causing her to shiver and giggle softly then moving on to the next toe. Cali had never before believed she could climax just from foot worship but at this moment she considered it to be a definite possibility in the state she was in. This exquisite pleasure was somewhat bittersweet in Cali’s mind however, knowing this would only arouse her more before his next attack, each toe representing a number in a countdown to her descent into hell.

Once he had fully indulged himself on all of her toes with one final lick along the top of her foot, Cali tensed up ready for her fate. Travis slowly stretched his arm straight out, cracking his fingers one at a time in an arduously suspenseful fashion as Cali watched with blurred, hazy vision. He rapidly pulled his arm back in causing her to scream out and practically leap from the bed in reaction…only to then feel nothing…followed by Travis’s evil snickering.

“OH MY GOD I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!!!” Cali screamed out in a shrill voice as Travis’s laughter only grew.

“Aw don’t say thaaaaat…” He replied as he ever so softly stroked a finger up and down her left sole. Cali clenched her eyes tight and bit down on her lower lip even knowing how futile it was, giggling through her closed mouth. “Come ooooon…I know you can’t hold oooout…tickle tiiiiicklllllle…” He teased as he slowly increased the speed and pressure of his index finger, dragging it slowly along her sole, across the ball and down the instep. Still Cali held out, rapidly thrashing her body around in his vice like grip as tears began to stream down her face. A few more fingers were then added to the arsenal, slowly and lightly wiggling along both of her soles in an unpredictable pattern causing Cali to finally break her resolve and begin giggling.
“Pleeheeheeheease! Heheheheheeheheeeee! Mercyyyheeheeheeheehee!” She pleaded; partially mortified that SHE of all people had finally been reduced to begging for mercy. She could only pray that the others never found out about this.

“Did…I just hear you beg?” Travis exclaimed in astonishment as he somewhat softened his assault on her wiggling feet. “…I never thought I’d hear that…how delightful…” He said with an evil laugh as he continued this slow, delicate torture for another 5 minutes before he relented, Cali breathing heavily and practically melting into the bed from relief. Finally, once again without any warning to his actions Travis aggressively dug all of his fingernails in and began to wiggle them frantically across the surfaces of both feet.

“KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAAAA!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAA!!!!!” Cali shrieked like a mad woman, hurling her body into the air with newfound energy. Travis couldn’t help but laugh himself in response, having never heard his kitty laugh quite like that before. His arm tightened around her ankles as he went to town, scribbling his nails all over her previously white foot skin which had now begun to turn to a rosy pink, indulging in her delightful hysteria. Knowing she would most likely not be able to take it much longer he decided to finish her off as he dug his fingertips into the gaps under her long toes. Her reaction was hardly what he expected, her whole body tensed up tight like rigimortis and began to vibrate, a tortured laughing face but no audible sound, only the sound of her inhaling after each round of “silent laughter” forced its way out. Finally he decided she had had enough and released her legs onto the bed with a thump, turning to look at her. Cali’s whole body was flushed red and dripping with sweat, her eyes stared blankly at the ceiling, breathing heavily as she occasional twitched, as if she had gone completely braindead in the course of the torture. With a much more gentle and compassionate look on his face he slowly crawled up upon his broken woman and gazed down at her lovingly.

“I’d like to change my answer to your question earlier….” He whispered as he leaned in close to her ear again. “…as you wish…” He spoke softly, kissing her gently while simultaneously reinserting himself, causing her to regain her senses and moan into his mouth. He sat back up, resting on his knees, slowly thrusting himself in and out as he took hold of Cali’s legs and brought those delectable feet up to his face, gazing at them lustfully and then letting loose, dragging his tongue up and down her slender soles and then tilting them forward and feasting on her long toes in a savage feeding frenzy. The simultaneous stimulation was the most amazing sensation Cali had ever known; his warm, wet tongue upon her soles and toes and his rock hard organ pumping away between her legs. She had been reduced to such a raw nerve that she was practically unable to move, her limp, lifeless feet to do with as he wished. It was then that she felt his one arm come around and wrap around her legs tight, pinning them against his chest and her eyes widened. She let out a long, almost inhuman whimper knowing what was coming next. And sure enough, he began a savage tickling assault on her helpless soles as he kicked his thrusting into high gear, slamming his pelvis against her trembling vulva with such force and speed that it shook the bed beneath them. No one…none of her tickling friends…have EVER heard her laugh like this.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAAA!!!!” Her whole body reduced to one big raw nerve from overstimulation, she screamed in hysterics at the top of her lungs as he ravaged her limp feet, being completely unable to even so much as wiggle a toe in defense. She was a motionless doll, to play with for as long as he desired. The rush of ecstasy that came upon her was like unexpectedly intense and fast, causing her to reach a full orgasm after only a minute or so. But he didn’t stop, he continued slamming her deep and hard while digging his fingers deep into her soft, creamy soles and then finally turning on the spaces under her toes, her worst spot of all. At this point she had once again been reduced to “silent laughter”; only her panicked, red, tear covered face being any indication as one orgasm after another washed over her like a great tidal wave her back being nearly permanently arched upward. And then, finally it came out…

“OH MY GOOOOOD!!!! I LOVE YOU CALI!!!!!” Travis screamed as he halted his tickling but began to thrust even harder and deeper, pushing her legs up so her feet were directly over her head, savagely pounding her like a wild animal. The tears continued to flow down Cali’s face, not from the tickling but from the intense emotion now overwhelming her.

“I LOVE YOU TOO TRAVIS!!!! OH MY GOOOOOOD I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOOOOOOOOOOU!!!” She screamed out in a cracked voice in response. And that is what he needed to hear as the damn finally burst open, his hard cock expanding inside Cali and he came, long and hard, causing both lovers to scream out in a deafening symphony of insane pleasure as they orgasmed together. Still inside her, Travis fell limp on top of Cali at that moment, panting heavily and dripping with sweat. Cali lie there, eyes stuck wide open, barely able to see straight as she struggled to catch her breath, practically suffocating on the pleasure. It took well over 20 minutes before either one of them moved.

…Cali once again burst into tears…

“P…please…let me go?” She whimpered in a pathetic tone as Travis struggled to unfasten her wrists in his delirious state. Cali quickly embraced Travis tight against her, shaking like a leaf, burying her face in the nape of Travis’s neck crying like a baby. “Oh my god…*sob*…I love you so much…I LOVE YOU TRAVIS!!!” She cried as Travis took her in his arms, having never until tonight seen such a delicate and emotional side to this woman he had fallen in love with.

“I love you too Cali…more than you will ever know…” He whispered as they embraced lips and kissed for what seemed like an eternity. For the rest of that night, Cali gave herself to Travis as his plaything to tickle and pleasure to his heart’s content. They would make love several more times that night, going through a full 10 pack of condoms, making use of nearly every sexual position in a book of Cali’s and breaking her bed frame in the process. Moira wouldn’t see either of them until at least 4PM the next day as two very achy lovers would exit the basement, barely able to walk straight with a permanent smile plastered on both their faces. Travis would say his goodbye after a long and passionate kiss at the door (only to be pulled back several times to prolonge the experience) and then Moira would be greeted by her glowing daughter.
“So…was it worth it?” She’d ask…only to be responded to with tears of joy….

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